Top 7 Jenkins Interview Questions

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Jenkins is an open-source automation tool written in Java. It is mainly built for Continuous Integration purposes. Jenkins allows the developer to build and test the software projects

What is Jenkins?

Integration is important when multiple developers are working on different segments. This different work but about the same web application needs 

What is meant by continuous integration?

A source code repository that is accessible. For example, a Git repository.
A working build script. For example, a Maven script.

What are the pre-requisites of Jenkins?

The most basic and minimum requirement includes Java, a web browser, about 1 GB of drive space. 256 MB RAM is also one of the key requirements.

What are the system requirements to install Jenkins?

Continuous real-time monitoring is possible.
Developers and testers can detect defects in software development.
Helps in automating the testing of builds.

What makes Jenkins widely used across the globe?

The first step is to open the command line prompt. Then, go to the installation directory. It is the ‘Jenkins.exe start’ command that helps in starting the Jenkins.

How to start Jenkins manually?

Jenkins supports a lot of SCM tools. Some of them are SVN, Clearcase, CVS, Git, AccuRev, Perforce, RTC, Mercurial.

Which Jenkins supports Source Code Management tools (SCM)?

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