Top 7 Java Interview Questions

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Tell me about yourself and why you want this position?

It is one of the most basic expected Java interview questions that every student is prepared for rather it is an interview 

Why Java is the platform-independent language?

Java is a very simple and vast programming language to use, and the execution of the program does not depend on operating systems

What is JIT?

You will always find this question is each sample of Java interview questions. The answer to this question is Jit is an abbreviation for Just In Time Compiler.

What is a ClassLoader?

So basically, ClassLoader is the first file to load when you execute any Java program, so the Java ClassLoader is the integrated part of the Java virtual machine

What is the difference between ArrayList and HashSet in Java?

This is the most frequently asked Java interview questions. ArrayList carry-outs List interface and on the other hand, HashSet

Define Copy Constructor in Java?

A Copy Constructor in Java is a constructor that initializes an object through another object of the same class. A Copy Construction in Java is really helpful 

What is a marker Interface?

It is one of the major Java interview questions. So basically, a marker Interface is just another interface, but normally in the interface, we provide some signatures

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