Top 7 Hadoop Interview Questions

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Hadoop is the key solution for every big data stored in the company. It is an open-source Java-based processing framework that works in a cluster for each data set.

What is a Hadoop?


The data types in Hadoop are stored in many different ways, like semi-structured, structured, and unstructured. 

What are the basic differences between a relational database and HDFS?


Big Data means assemblages of complex and huge datasets which hinders the process that is dependable by working traditional data processing

What is Big Data, and also mention the five vs of Big Data?


There are many other cool features in a Hadoop platform. But the most essential is the utilization of commodity hardware. 

Why does one remove or add nodes in a Hadoop cluster frequently?


The checkpoint is when a FsImage is edited to a log, and then it gets compacts to make into a new FsImage. The NameNode can load the end final into the memory state 

What is a Checkpoint?


The master node executes the same task on another node in a more diffuse way, only if the nodes’ execution process is slow. In this case

What is “speculative execution” in Hadoop?


The “Input Split” is defined as the logical division of data. At the same time, the “HDFS Block” is defined as the physical division 

What is the difference between an “Input Split” and “HDFS Block”?


The “RecordReader” is termed as “Input Format”. The “InputSplit” doesn’t show the procedure for using it, but it does give a glimpse of its work.

What is the purpose of “RecordReader” in a Hadoop?


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