Top 7 Angular Interview Questions

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Can you please define Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript based on an open-source platform that helps to work at the front end of a mobile or web application framework as the codes in are easy to maintain

Can you please tell us the essential building blocks of Angular?

The candidate should go through every basic point, which can arise from the definition itself. Angular cannot work on its own. 

Can you please tell us the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

The architecture of Angular uses components and directives. While The architecture of AngularJS uses the MVC design model. 

What are the advantages of using Angular?

Angular consists of many advantages, making it even easier to use the function in developing a web application. With the help of a Component-based structure, 

What is two-way data binding?

The two-way data binding process in Angular helps synchronize the data model automatically in the view. It can be explained with an example if the user in a model 

What personality will you bring to the team?

Again, a very basic yet easy answer which will define your personality. So, while answering this, you must show that how do you work. 

What’s your biggest weakness?

Once again, a very formal question that doesn’t always have to be given emotionally. Make a statement that positively shows your weakness

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