Java is the most popular and widely used object-oriented programming language. Java is popular and widely used because of its security features. Many java aficionados used it for various purposes.

We can create a wide range of programmes using java, including enterprise applications, network applications, desktop applications, online applications, games, and android apps, among others.

Today, I am going to explain about what is java?, the use of java and also the top 3 Java GUI frameworks to help you do Java-based projects with ease. 

So without puzzling you more, let’s first check some useful details about Java. Then, I will move the explanation of the uses of Java. 

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose computer programming language. It is object-oriented, concurrent, and class-based. It was created in 1995 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, which was eventually acquired by Oracle in 2009.

The language was created in such a way that developers can use it on any platform that supports Java without having to recompile it. Java is used for developing applications in games consoles, laptops, data centres, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, etc. 

Features of Java

Below are some basic java features: 

  • Java is a very secure and robust programming language.
  • Encapsulation, abstraction inheritance, and polymorphism are all examples of classes.
  • It only writes code once and runs it on all computer platforms.
  • Java is widely used in the development of object-oriented applications.
  • It is very easy to understand. Its features, like inheritance, pointers, operator overloading, and so on, are simple.
  • Java is a multithreaded language with memory management that is automated.
  • Before we get into the main uses of Java, let’s talk about why it’s so important…

Why is java important? 

Below are some reasons why is java important: 

  • Because of its popularity and high salary
  • Java is very easy to learn.
  • Java has a large community 
  • It has an abundant API 
  • Java has powerful development tools 
  • It has multiple open source libraries 
  • Java is an independent platform.

What is the use of Java in daily life?

According to the survey done by Stackoverflow, it was found that Java is the most popular programming language for all purposes. Moreover, it offers a huge variety of jobs and money-making opportunities for a programmer who specializes in it.

There are various uses of Java that the Java developers have defined. Some of the most basic uses of Java are:

uses of java

Mobile Application

Java is compatible with various system softwares such as Kotlin and Android Studio. Now, the question is, why only Java? The answer is Java can run on various Java Virtual Machines. 

On the other hand, the DVK can use to execute category files. The files further use as an APK (Android Application Package). Using the OOPs, Java provides more security and simplicity to Android applications. It is the first main uses of java programming language.

Application Server

A server is just a kind of computer program accepting, receiving, and responding to the other programs’ requests. It is protected by data access and insistence for state maintenance. It acts as a component-based product. It is the second main uses of java programming language.

Web Application

Java provides complete support to web applications through Struts, Servlets, or JSP. Apart from this, Java programs offer more security that allows for creating large applications such as social security, insurance, health, and education. 

With its open-source development, e-Commerce applications are created like Broadleaf. This is the third main uses of java programming language.

Enterprise application

There is a popular platform, “JAVA EE.” It provides a run-time environment and API for running and writing the enterprise software. Therefore, it includes web services and network applications. This is the fourth main uses of java programming language.

Cloud computing

Java offers various choices to you for cloud-developed applications. Here, you can use this method in LaaS, SaaS, and PaaS developments. This supports various companies for sharing details with others.

Game Development

Java programming language is widely used by game development companies because java has the support of the open-source most powerful 3D engine. 

When it comes to building 3D games, the engine has unrivaled capabilities. Minecraft, Mission impossible III, and other java-based games are among the most popular. 

For game development, some well-known frameworks and libraries are available, such as LibGDX and OpenGL. 

Big Data Technology

As there are other programming languages available for Big Data Technology, but still Java is the first choice. 

Java is used to create the Hadoop HDFS platform for processing and storing large data applications. 

Java is commonly used in big data ETL applications like Apache Camel and Apache Kafka. It’s used in large data contexts to extract, manipulate, and load data.

Why Do We Use JAVA?

Java stands apart from other programming languages in terms of security and functionality. Java sets itself apart from other programming languages Because of its functionality and safety, and it is also relevant. Other reasons to use Java include the following:

  • Scalability: Scalability adds capacity to our system. It increases the system’s ability by adding resources without impacting the deployment design. We can accomplish scalability by increasing the resources in a single system, such as RAM and CPU. It’s crucial since it manages workload, improves system performance, and boosts productivity.
  • Cross-platform: A compiled Java programme that is cross-platform can run on any platform. Keep in mind that the system must have JVM installed. After compiling a java program, it is turned to bytecode, platform-independent. The JVM understands this bytecode. This bytecode can be run on any platform.
  • Memory-Management: Garbage collection is a feature of Java that allows it to manage memory independently. We don’t have to worry about memory, and we don’t have to use it to manage memory. When the application no longer needs the objects, it deletes them automatically. It boosts the application’s performance.
  • Multithreading: Thread is a small-scale subprocess. It makes the most of the CPU’s resources. Java’s multithreading feature allows two or more threads to run simultaneously.

Where is Java best used?

Below are some most important uses of Java in many fields.

uses of java

Working with IoT

You definitely hear about IoT, which means the internet of things. IoT is in a new era, from tiny sensors of cameras to big massive industries everywhere. Moreover, in industries, Java is used in many fields, like in some vending machines. 

Java is using for tracking humidity, temperature, inventory, and tracking location. Many wearable applications are also based on Java.

Exploring space at NASA

NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA also uses Java for several interesting applications. Some of the projects are like a Whirlwind. It is a software development kit. 

These projects are helpful to examine any location on earth. Moreover, Data Source in this application is the combination of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and Landsat Satellite Imagery data.

Coding in self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are trending nowadays. It is the most interesting and demanding technology which comes with the self-driving car. Developers make a great project of self-driven cars with usefully accurate sensors. 

In contrast, these sensors protect the car from a collision. Maps are also created in the data source by which robots also search the path.

Using in games

Many popular games or video games work or run on Java. There are so many games of Java because of the best feature as it will run on any platform. The OpenJavaFX is the graphics package to create such great graphics for gamers. is the site for java gamers. Moreover, it is dedicated to the needs and interests of java game developers. There are a lot of java game libraries that help developers to make a new game easier.

Performing big data analysis

In today’s Era, Big Data Analysis is one of the most interesting uses of technology. In many industries, scientists are using advanced data analysis techniques that solve and present complex data in a simple form that is easy to understand.

Top 3 Java GUI frameworks for your projects

uses of java


It is one of the best Java GUIs that is an extension by Folks who works as a member of the team of Swing. SwingX API uses painters that allow users to utilize Java2D codes for defining the components quickly.

Moreover, it is platform-independent and lightweight; therefore, it is always preferred by Java users.

Apache Pivot

It is another open-source GUI that is used to develop installable internet applications. Apart from this, Apache Pivot joins with the Java platform’s robustness. This helps in enhancing the productivity and utility of the modern Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Standard Widget Toolkit or SWT

SWT is one of the widget toolkits that is designed for portable access and quality. IBM develops it for eclipse that uses in computer programming. It is analogous to AWT and Swing. 

Top Companies Using Java






Uber Technology





Conclusion (Uses Of JAVA)

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that there are various essential uses of Java. Besides this, Java prefers by various mobile and web developers. Therefore, it is listed in the top 10 programming languages in 2021. 

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Now, if you have issues with Java concepts, let me know. I will help you to solve your Java queries with ease. 

Uses Of JAVA FAQ’s

Which apps use Java?

  • Google & Android OS. 
  • Introduction.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Amazon.
  • NASA World Wind. 
  • Netflix.
  • Spotify.
  • Uber.
  • Minecraft.

How many types of Java platforms?

The platforms of the Java programming language are Standard Edition (Java SE) Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Java Platform, and Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Java Platform.