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US To Ease H1B Visas For Indian Skilled Workers As PM Modi Visits: Suppose you are an experienced worker and wish to go to the US to work and live. In that case, the Biden administration will make it an easier process for Indian skilled workers to work and live in the US, using this week’s state visit by PM Modi to allow some Indian skilled workers to enter or stay in the nation, according to three people aware with the issue. This article will discuss the US to ease H1B visas for Indian skilled workers as PM Modi visits. 

US To Ease H1B Visas For Indian Skilled Workers As PM Modi Visits

On Thursday, the US State Department could announce that a small number of Indians and other foreign-skilled workers can renew those visas in the United States without traveling abroad, one of the sources said, part of a pilot program that could be developed in the next few years. 

Indians are now the most active US H1B users, making up 73% of the nearly 442,000 workers of H1B in the fiscal year 2022.

According to another official, we all recognize that the mobility of our individuals is a big asset to us. Therefore, our purpose is to handle this situation from various angles. The State Department has already been putting in much effort to develop innovative solutions to make improvements.

A State Department spokesperson denied commenting on the queries concerning which visa type would permit or the pilot program launch timing. Bloomberg Law first reported the plans for this pilot program in February.

The spokesperson said, declining to define small, that The pilot program would start with a minimum number of cases to scale the initiative over the next 1 to 2 years. The White House refused to comment that the steps could change and are finalized once announced. 

Every year, the US government makes over 60,000 H1B visas available to companies looking for skilled foreign employees and over 18,000 permits for workers with advanced degrees. The H1B visa can stay for three years and be renewed for another three years. 

According to the latest data from the US government, companies using H1B workers in recent years include Amazon, Meta, Alphabet, Indian-based Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services. 

The spokesperson said that some temporary foreign workers could renew their H1B visas in the US and would free up aid for visa interviews in consulates abroad.

One of the sources in the US said that the pilot program would also consist of some employees with  L-1 visas, which are available to individuals moving within a company to a position in the United States. 

India contains long had major concerns regarding its residents’ difficulty in receiving visas to work and live in the US, including technology industry workers. According to the labor department report, more than ten million jobs opened in the US at the end of April. 

This year, many tech workers on H1B visas in the US were spread off, leaving them with the task of finding new workers within a 60-day “grace period” or having to return to their home country.

The Biden administration of the US has spent months working on getting visa access for Indians or other countries and trying to get around Congress’s lack of political will to improve US immigration policy comprehensively. President Joe Biden wishes to unite the world’s two biggest democracies, partly to better compete with China.

The US visa services are working on clearing a backlog caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Visa processing was halted worldwide by Washington in March 2020, which has caused some families to be separated for long periods. Some people have used social media to tell the situation. 

So, it is all about the US to ease H1B visas for Indian skilled workers as PM Modi visits.

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