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University College London Introduces 100 New Scholarships for Indian Students: Among the United Kingdom’s leading universities, UCL is one of them. Recently, UCL introduced the new India Excellence Scholarships that will support Indian Students with an outstanding academic record to pursue full-time Master’s degree studies at the UCL institution.

University College London Introduces 100 New Scholarships for Indian Students

Recently, UCL (University College London) launched its first-ever summer school for pre-university students nationwide and a new scholarship program allowing 100 of India’s most talented children to study in the UK.

One of the top colleges in the UK, UCL, announced on Tuesday that it will provide full-time Master’s degree support to Indian students with exceptional academic records through the introduction of the India Excellence Scholarships.

Moreover, 33 scholarships will be awarded for the 2024–2025 academic year to deserving students who have earned a first-class degree or are expected to do so. In addition, 67 more scholarships will be given to Indian students over the next two years.

UCL’s president and provost, Dr. Michael Spence, said, “We are offering these new and diverse opportunities to indian students, to show our commitment to Indian students. Moreover, this will also strengthen our connection with India.”

Moreover, he added, “We are committed to providing more support and resources to indian students. So that they can share their knowledge and expertise with us in the UK”.

Moreover, they claim that aspiring Master’s students in any discipline can receive 5,000 pounds for their education as part of the UCL India Excellence Scholarships. 

Christina Scott, Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner said to India “I’m thrilled that a large number of India’s most talented youth understand the benefits of attending a top university like UCL. To everyone’s advantage, the connections they’ll create will strengthen ties between India and the UK.

The British School in New Delhi is home to a state-of-the-art facility that will host a new Summer School program that UCL has announced is intended to give Indian students preparing for university a taste of what it’s like to attend a top-tier UK university.

Next year, from June 10–14, there will be the first-ever UCL India Summer School. Furthermore, renowned UCL academics will teach modules to fifty students in years 10 and 11, facilitating small-group work.

So, it is all about the latest news that University College London introduces 100 new scholarships for Indian Students.

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