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In this blog, we will discuss UK work permit processing time. So, let’s get started.

The UK attracts millions of people to the country. A higher standard of living, better work opportunities, and a developed economy are the primary reasons. So, if you are waiting for a work permit, this blog will help you figure out when you will receive the application.

The first step in utilizing your job offer to work in the UK is to procure a work permit. A work permit is a permission to work in the country legally. It is essential to have a sponsor for the work permit. Work permit processing time is the time taken by the UK authorities to process the work permit application. Before applying for a work permit, it becomes vital to understand the UK work permit processing time to plan accordingly.

Types of UK work permit

UK work permits are provided to people who intend to work in the country. Moreover, they have a standing job offer. Three types of work permits available are:

  • Tier 1 (General): Tier 1 visa is presently not taking new applicants. Nevertheless, it allows foreign nationals to apply for a work permit without a sponsor. Tier 1 general Visa and Tier 1 Post Study Work categories allow skilled workers to apply for a work permit from within the country. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa and Tier 1 Investor Visa are for those people looking to invest or start a business in the country.
  • Tier 2 (Work Permit): This is for individuals who already have a work permit. The company in which the applicant is working can also avail of this visa. This includes Intra company transfers. The most important requirement over here is the certificate of sponsorship from the United Kingdom government.
  • Tier 5: This enables people looking for experience or short-term training in the country to apply for a visa. The age requirement is between 18 to 35 years of age. You should also read Work Visa For Australia.

UK Work Permit Processing Time

Once your application is submitted online, UK work permit processing time starts when you:

  • Attend the designated appointment. Provide the necessary photographs and fingerprints (biometric information) at the visa application center or
  • Verify your identity via the UK immigration: ID Check app. The use of this app depends on your visa and accordingly, you’ll be advised on its usage.

The waiting time ends when you receive an email confirming your application’s decision by the authorities.

Time required to process the application

If you are looking to work or invest in the UK, applications may take longer to process. Currently, Ukraine Visa Schemes are being prioritized. Once you’ve attended the visa application center or used the ID Check app, you’ll get an answer within 3 weeks. 

In the case of a Turkish Business Person visa, you’ll get an answer within 3 weeks of attending the appointment. 

Your application might be processed earlier depending on the country you are applying from. Relations between your country and the UK, administrative systems in both countries, etc also affect your application. Speed of other services might also be enhanced for certain countries.

Other Factors affecting UK work permit processing time

  • Caseload: The state of UKVI workload is an important determinant. Summer is usually the busiest time of the year for applications. 
  • Incorrect or insufficient information: If your application doesn’t have all the required information, processing time may be increased. This is because there will be a call to submit the requisite information.

The best way to avoid this is to go through the application properly before submitting it.

Priority services- a faster way to get your work permit

You can make use of the priority services if it is available in your country. You can avail of this service by choosing ‘priority service’ at the time of identity verification at the visa application service. Please note that there is an additional cost involved with this service.

The UK work permit processing time, in this case, is 5 working days from the date of appointment.

Check your country’s visa application center to know if you can use this service. you should also read Documents Required for Canada Work Permit.

Super priority service- next day collection

You can also avail the super-priority service. To use this service, you need to choose a super-priority service while applying. Similar to the priority service, you need to pay additional charges.

In this case, the processing time is reduced to a day. The time is calculated from the time you submit your biometric information.

Next steps

After verification of your identity, the visa application center will contact you when the documents are ready. In case of a successful application through the UK ID Check app, the whole process will be online.

In the case of a biometric residence permit (BRP)

If you’ll be coming to the UK for more than 6 months, you will need to collect a biometric residence permit. You should do this before the vignette sticker expires or within 10 days of reaching the UK. The latter of the two applies here as the last date.

Any problems with BRP are to be reported within 10 days of collection.

Longer waiting period

The processing time may be extended if the application is not straightforward or additional information is needed. For example:

  • You need to attend an interview or
  • You need to verify your supporting documents or
  • Due to your circumstances

In the case of priority and super-priority visa applications, your application will be processed first even if it is not straightforward. Though, this might lead to increased processing time.


Work permit application processes can be overwhelming at times. Especially when time is running out on your job offer. The best way to avoid UK work permit processing time is to submit applications with utmost attention to detail. Follow this article to find out more ways to reduce waiting time.


Does UKVI send an email?

Yes, an email or letter is sent to you containing the result of your application.

Can I track UK work permit status online?

No, currently you cannot track your application online.