If someone asks the public what is the most important skill everyone must learn, the majority will answer that cooking, swimming, and driving.

I agree that these skills are necessary, and everyone must have these skills, but there is another skill that everyone must have: communication.

This skill is required in daily life, and it is impossible to survive in today’s world without it. There are different types of communication skills, and I will discuss them in this blog.

Communication skill is required if you want others to listen to you and want them to pay attention to whatever you are saying.

Let’s discuss what communication skill is and their types. 

What is Communication Skill?

Communication skill does not have such a definition that can explain this term completely.

According to some people, communication skill is a type of skill by which you can express your feelings or emotions more effectively.

On the other hand, some people say that it is a skill that shows how much attention you can grab from other people by communicating with them.

Both of these definitions are quite the opposite, but still, they are trying to convey the same message.

If you can convey your feelings in a better way, then obviously, you will grab other people’s attention.

Communication is a vast term with a simple meaning.

It consists of many different scenarios like, You are talking with a friend, talking on a phone, conveying messages with letters, giving a speech on stage, etc.

That’s why communication skills are very hard to explain with just a simple definition.

But, I hope you have got an idea about the meaning of communication skills with the help of the above two definitions.

Types of Communication Skills

Now let’s jump to the main topic of this blog, and let me tell you about the types of communication skills.

Communication skills can be divided into a lot of types, but mostly there are only 7 types that are much more important than other types.

Here, I will tell you what those types are and will try my best to explain them with an example.

So, these are the 8 types of communication skills that I want to share with you :

  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Active Listening
  • Visual Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Presentation skills

Verbal Communication

It is the most basic type of communication skill. 

Everyone uses this type to convey their message to other people; even you also use this communication skill. 

Verbal communication is known as the communication which we do with the help of words.

When we use language to convey our messages to other people, then it will be known as verbal communication.

Whether you are communicating by speaking or writing, if you are using words, then it will be considered verbal communication.

As we said, speaking or writing words is considered as verbal communication, so we can say it has two types -:

  • Oral communication
  • Written communication

These two subtypes are also very important types of communication skills.

I will explain these types also in this blog, so keep reading this type of communication skills blog.

Some example of Verbal communication -:

Face to face conversations.

Writing Letters.

Non-verbal Communication

As you can guess from the name, this communication skill is the opposite of verbal communication.

It means this is the type of communication skill in which we communicate with other people without words.

So, now you may wonder, if we are not using words, then how can we communicate?

In non-verbal communication, we convey our message with the help of facial expressions, eye contact, gestures or postures, etc.

By this, we can say that non-verbal communication is a type of communication in which we communicate with other people with the help of expressions, gestures or postures.

This is a very important skill to learn; you should know how to express your feelings without saying a word.

But, this communication does not have that much use on its own, like it is very tough to explain something complicated without words.

You can use this communication skill with verbal communication skills to give more clarity to your thoughts.

With the help of this, you will be able to express your feelings or thoughts more easily.

If you are looking for non-verbal communication examples, then you can watch a movie.

In a movie, you will get many scenes where actors will convey their feelings to the audience without saying a word.

This is the best example of non-verbal communication skills.

Written Communication

Written communication is one of the types of communication skills.

In this communication skill, we communicate with other people by writing words.

No matter which source we are using to write and send our message, it will be considered as written communication.

It has a lot of examples, like writing letters, emails or sending messages. 

All these are examples of written communication.

The best example of this communication is this blog. 

I have written this blog and shared my thoughts and feelings through this.

Now, you come to read this, and you will get the thoughts that I want to share.

This is the best example to understand written communication.

Since we use words in this communication type, that’s why we can also say that it is verbal communication.

Oral Communication

Oral communication means communication through the mouth. 

It is the communication skill in which we communicate by speaking.

This is the most common way of communication.

Some examples of oral communication are face to face conversations, TV reporters, Group talks. Stage speeches, etc.

You can get many other examples of oral communication in your surroundings.

This is one of the best communication skill types; this helps you to convey your feelings in a much better way.

People mould their voices to express their emotions, like if they are angry, then they will most probably shout, and if they are happy, then their voice tone will be changed.

Moreover, we can use technologies like telephones, radios, and telephones because of oral communication, which are very important in this modern world.

Like written communication, we use words in this communication skill also, so it is also a verbal communication skill.

Active Listening

Most of you probably will not agree with this, but active listening is also one of the most important types of communication skills.

As its name suggests, active listening is listening to other people with full concentration.

It is totally different from casually hearing someone. 

In this, you have to give full attention to the other person and have to understand their thoughts and feelings.

If you want to improve your communication skills, then you have to achieve the skill of active listening.

With some practice, you can achieve this skill, but it will be tough work if you want to master this.

But with practice and by giving some time to it, you can master this skill.

An example of active listening is a doctor listening to their patient’s problems; this is a very good example of active listening.

Visual Communication

Visual communication is the type of communication skill in which we share our thoughts or express our feelings with visual elements.

These visual elements can be anything, but they should express a message, thought or feelings through them.

Then it will be known as visual communication.

The best example of Visual communication is presentations in offices or college ppt assignments.

The featured image you saw at this blog’s beginning is also a good example of visual communication.

By that image, I shared my thoughts that I am curious about the types of communication skills.

And then, I started my blog about this, which helped me grab your unconscious attention.

Videos, GIf, stickers, and animations are other good examples of visual communication skills examples.

Mass Communication

Mass communication is a communication skill in which we share information or message to a larger audience.

A great example of mass communication is the newspaper.

Newspapers share information with a large audience with the help of written words.

Since it uses written words, then we can say newspapers are also a good example of written communication.

But that does not mean that every mass communication will be a written communication as well.

TV is also a great example of mass communication, sharing information with a large audience.

But TV is not an example of written communication; it is an example of visual communication.

Presentation skills

Presentation skill is another one of the most important types of communication skills. 

It is a set of abilities essential to interact with people or audiences, clearly give your message, engaging the people or audience in whatever you are presenting.

In today’s era, this is the most important skill to succeed in your job in both the private and government sectors. 

It is the most demanding skill in the private sector because it is required to convince customers and clients.

For example, management with great presentation skills can express the vision and mission of the company to the employees.

From school to work, presentation skill is used, like, in schools, we used to make presentations and assignment to explain our thought about a topic given by the teacher and while working, we make presentations to explain different things to our clients or the management.

How to Improve Communication Skills?

So now, you all know about the importance of communication skills.

And I know most of you are very curious about how to improve your communication skills.

There are some points that I want to share with you that will surely help you to improve your communication skills.

But before that, you have to understand that you can’t improve your skills in just one day, it will be a long process, and you have to work on it step by step.

So, here are the points that I want to share with you on the importance of communication skills :

  • Listen more than talk: try to understand what the other person wants to say, only after that give a reply.
  • Control your emotion: if you are extremely happy, sad or angry, in those cases, never say something without thinking twice.
  • Think before speaking: it will help a lot to improve your communication skills.
  • Verbal communication skills help convey your feelings, so try to improve your non-verbal communication skills.
  • Practice your communication skills by speaking in groups.
  • Try to understand other people’s emotions; this is the most important and difficult thing to master.

Importances of Communication Skills

You have read all the types of communication skills; then there might be a chance that most of you are wondering why it is important.

Why do you have to read these types, and why do you have to improve these skills? If you have the same questions. 

Then here are some importances of communication skills -:

  • It is very important to make good relationships with other people.
  • With the help of good communication skills, you can convey your thoughts more properly.
  • If you have good communication skills, then it will help you in interviews.
  • It also helps you to boost your confidence.
  • You can grab new opportunities if you have good communication skills.

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So, this was the blog about types of communication skills.

In this blog, I have shared information about different communication skill types.

Communication is one of the most important skills, and you should work on it.

This skill will affect a lot in your personal and professional life.

I hope you liked this blog and now have all the information about communication skill types.

But if you are still confused, you can ask me in the comment section or contact our experts.

For more such amazing content, stay connected to the course mentor.


What is the most basic communication skill?

The most basic communication skills are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. If you do not have developed these skills, you can not achieve any of the other types of communication skills.

What makes a good communicator?

A good communicator is one who first listens to another person and then explains his or her point of view to that person in a clear way without any miscommunication.