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Taiwan Wants To Hire At Least 100000 Indian Workers: India and Taiwan are planning to strengthen their economic ties by sending many Indian workers to Taiwan, starting as soon as next month.

This move, which may involve up to 100,000 Indian workers in sectors like factories, farms, and hospitals, addresses the need for more labor in Taiwan due to its aging population. 

The plan will be formalized by signing an employment mobility agreement by December. However, this development could potentially upset China, Taiwan’s neighbor. 

Taiwan Wants To Hire At Least 100000 Indian Workers

The motivation behind this initiative is twofold – Taiwan’s need for more workforce due to its aging population and India’s effort to provide employment opportunities for its youth in the face of slower economic growth.

Also, Taiwan’s demographic projections show that it is on track to become a “super-aged” society by 2025, with over a fifth of its population being elderly.

India and Taiwan are looking for a job agreement, which could strain relations with China, which opposes official ties with Taiwan. 

Although India maintains the “One China Policy” publicly, acknowledging Taiwan as part of China, it has a solid unofficial relationship with Taiwan. 

The job deal is almost finalized, according to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, while Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor welcomes collaboration for workforce support without explicitly addressing the India deal. 

This development might escalate tensions between India and China, which share a border and have a significant trade relationship.

Discussions are ongoing to establish a system to verify the health of Indian workers intending to migrate to Taiwan, according to sources close to the matter. 

Taiwan requires workers to maintain its $790 billion economy, as its unemployment rate has reached its lowest levels since 2000. 

Unlike other countries that have signed agreements with India, Taiwan offers Indian workers pay parity with locals and insurance policies to make the deal more attractive. 

After surpassing China this year, India, now the world’s most populous country, is seeking employment agreements with developed nations facing an aging workforce.

So far, the government of India has signed the agreements with around 13 countries, including France, Japan, and the UK, and is discussing similar arrangements with Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Denmark, the people said. 

The relations between China and India have been tense since a border clash in 2020 year, the worst-ever tense in four decades. 

Since then, both nations have moved their thousands of soldiers, tanks, and artillery guns to the Himalayan region. 

Also, the diplomatic talks between the two countries have made some small progress, with China releasing a new map declaring some India-controlled territories in August.

The three former military chiefs from India, who stepped down the previous year, also visited Taiwan this year for a security conference — a trip that attracted objections from Beijing.  

Also, both countries, India and Taiwan, signed an investment promotion pact in 2018. 

So, it is all about Taiwan wants to hire at least 100000 Indian workers.

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