Study in USA vs Australia: – Studying in the USA or Australia is the dream of thousands of students. Both countries offer great work opportunities after the completion of their studies. The USA hosts the Ivy League colleges which are world-renowned for their education system. Australia also has the Group of 8(Go8) in which 8 top universities of Australia are listed.

These 8 universities are also world-renowned. A degree in the USA or Australia is recognized around the world and will easily get you the job you need. Many students are confused about whether to choose the USA or Australia as their study abroad destination. 

When you are choosing a country to study you should always compare some parameters which will help you identify which is the best for you. Some of these parameters are quality of education, expenses, easy visa process, post-graduate work permit, etc. When you have compared both countries based on these parameters you will have a clear idea which to choose.

In this blog, we will have a detailed comparison of Study in USA vs Australia.

Quality of Education

The most important thing that you should consider while choosing a country to study is the quality of education. Both the USA and Australia have institutes and universities which provide a high-quality education. Still, you need to know which one is the best for you to study in USA vs Australia. The comparison is as below:

Top University in the USA World ranking 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1
Stanford University3
Harvard University5
University of California Berkley(UCB)10
University of Chicago11

Above is the list of top universities in the USA. These universities have been recognized worldwide and have contributed greatly to the research and development of the USA. These universities have several Nobel Laureates as their alumni. 

Top University in the USA World ranking 2023
The University of Melbourne14
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)19
The University of Sydney19
Australian National University (ANU)34
Monash University42

The comparison is clear for quality of education as the USA has a high number of universities that rank high. Australian universities are also among the best. Several Australian universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. 

However, the USA is better in terms of quality of education. You will also have several internship opportunities in the USA as it hosts multiple companies. There is a possibility that the course you want to pursue is better in the Australian universities, so identify which is the best for you to study in USA vs Australia. 

Admission Requirements

One of the most important parameters for the comparison of countries for the study is Admission requirements. The basic requirements of all the countries are the same but some of them are different. A country that has less strict admission requirements is more feasible if you do not have an excellent academic record. 

The USA hosts some of the best universities in the world and the admission requirements of those universities are of course more strict than Australian universities. However, if you have excellent academic transcripts then you should apply to universities in the USA. Let us look at the admission requirements of Study in USA vs Australia in detail. 

To pursue an undergraduate program in the USA, you will need to have an excellent score in 12th std. Along with this, you will also have to give an entrance exam. The most popular are SAT and the ACT. According to the score obtained in these exams, you will be offered a place in a university. You will also need excellent English proficiency. A minimum of 6.5 bands in the IELTS or 600 in TOEFL. 

To pursue a postgraduate program in the USA, the admission requirements are more strict. You should have at least 70% in your bachelor’s. If you have done some internships then it is always beneficial. Some engineering and management programs will also ask you to submit a GRE or a GMAT score. You will also need at least 2 letters of recommendation from your faculty members. 

Australian study requirements are easier to qualify for among studies in the USA vs Australia. For undergraduate programs, you just need to have a good score in your 12th std. The concept of SAT/ACT is not very popular in Australia so the admission process is easier.

For postgraduate programs, you will need a good score in bachelors. A 3-year bachelor’s program is accepted in Australia for admission to master’s programs. However, an engineering master’s may require a 4-year bachelor’s. The English requirements are more or less the same as the USA. Thus, Australia is a better option when we look at study requirements among study in USA vs Australia. 

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Cost of Studying in the USA vs Australia

This is also one of the most important parameters on which both countries should be compared. When you start to plan your stay abroad the costs and expenses are to be considered. The major cost of studying abroad is the tuition fees. Other expenses include meals, rent, transport, and other miscellaneous costs. 

The detailed comparison of the cost of study in USA vs Australia is as below:

Type of costAverage Yearly expense of a UG course in the USAAverage Yearly expense of a PG course in the USAAverage Yearly expense of a UG course in CanadaAverage Yearly expense of a PG course in Canada
Tuition fees30 Lakhs10-40 Lakhs15-20 Lakhs15-30 Lakhs
Living expense8 Lakhs6-7 Lakhs

Note that the cost given here is an average cost to give you a broad idea of the cost in both countries. The actual cost varies highly according to the course you choose and the state in which you live. It also depends on your personal needs and expenses. You should search for the cost of living in the state in which you are planning to pursue your studies in both countries. 

Study visa in USA vs Australia

Another important point to compare the two countries is the feasibility of a study visa. To study abroad you need to get admitted into a university. After you receive the confirmation of your application, you can apply for a student visa. A student visa is unnecessary for all international students. In comparison to study in USA vs Australia, you need to compare the feasibility of a study visa to ensure a smooth stay. The major points of study visas are the same in all countries, however here we have discussed some points regarding the study visa in both countries. 

Study visa in the USA

  • A full-time study visa in the USA is called an F1 visa. You will have to apply for this visa and then book an appointment for an interview and to groove your biometric details. 
  • Once your studies are completed you will have additional 90 days till your visa expires. This is the time when you can apply for OPT(Optional Practical Training). This is kind of a postgraduate work permit in the USA that allows you to work temporarily and gain experience in the USA.
  • The cost of the USA study visa is $160. If you are bringing a dependent, an additional $160 will be charged for each dependent. 
  • You will be allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours a week. This limit can be exceeded in holidays and summer breaks. 

Cost of study in Australia

  • The requirements of an Australian study visa are general ones. It will cost you around AUD 650 for UG courses and AUD 680 for PG courses. The cost of the Australian study visa is many times higher than the USA study visa. This is also a major differentiating factor in the study in USA vs Australia. 
  • Your spouse will be allowed to work full-time if you are a master’s or a Ph.D. student. 
  • You will be allowed to work for 48 hours a fortnight. This limit can also be exceeded during breaks and holidays. 

Post Graduate Work Permit

Many students wish to work and settle in the country in which they are studying. This brings up the topic of post-graduate work permits. This is the permit that allows you to work after your studies are completed. This also serves as a pathway to Permanent Residence. 

Postgraduate Work Permit in Australia

If you have completed an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree from a recognized Australian university then you are eligible to apply for a postgraduate work visa in Australia. This will allow you to work for up to 2 years after your studies in Australia. This limit can be exceeded to 6 years if you have a high-demand job.

Post Graduate Work Permit in the USA

The work permit in the USA is referred to as the OPT(Optional Practical Training). This allows you to work temporarily after you study for a maximum of 1 year. This makes it harder to obtain permanent residence in the USA. Hence obtaining a postgraduate work permit and settling abroad is easier in Australia than in the comparison of study in USA vs Australia.

Conclusion For Study in USA vs Australia

Studying abroad will make your career graph go higher and will allow you to work in several multinational companies with high pay. However, you have to make the right decision while choosing the country in which you want to study. 

By comparing study in USA vs Australia on various parameters, it is clear that if you want to work and settle abroad then Australia is a better and cheaper country. However, if you just wish to study in a country abroad with the best universities then the USA is the better option. Identify which suits you the best and make an informed decision! For more future updates stay tuned with Course Mentor.

Frequently Asked Question (Study in USA vs Australia)

Why Do International Students Choose  Australia over USA?

Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and United Kingdom. International students are able to work part time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs.

Are Australian Degrees Recognised in USA?

Australia has ratified the UNESCO Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education, making Australian degrees internationally recognised. The move benefits students, including international students, wanting to work and further their education in other countries.

Is It Worth Going to USA for Studies?

The USA has been one of the top choices for Indian students who wish to study abroad. The country not only promises excellent quality of education but also far better career prospects for many students.