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Saudi Arabia announces new work visa rules for foreign domestic workers: Saudi Arabia has introduced new and stricter regulations for issuing work visas to recruit domestic workers from abroad. 

Under this new rule, the minimum age for a single employer to get such a visa is 24.

Saudi Arabia Announces New Work Visa Rules For Foreign Domestic Workers

Musaned, a government platform overseeing domestic labor in Saudi Arabia, recently announced these new visa rules and outlined the specific eligibility criteria for visa applications. 

Under these new regulations, Gulf nationals, Saudi nationals, holders of Saudi premium residency permits, and foreign wives of Saudi men and their mothers can apply for visas to employ overseas domestic labor, contingent on the financial capabilities of the employers.

This latest move is a part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to simplify and regulate the domestic labor market.

The Ministry of Human Resources has launched the Musaned platform to empower its customers with information about their duties, rights, and some other related services. 

These services include recruitment requests, visa issuance, and the contractual relationship between workers and employers.

The Musaned platform facilitates wage transfers to labor through digital payment services like Urpay and STC pay apps. 

The platform also offers features like transferring a house worker’s service between employers, authenticating domestic labor contracts, and resolving disputes.

The Ministry emphasizes the need to contract through Musaned, the country’s official recruitment platform for domestic labor.

These rules cover various categories of domestic workers, including:

  • housekeepers
  • drivers
  • housemaids
  • cleaners
  • cooks
  • guards
  • farmers
  • tailors
  • live-in nurses
  • tutors
  • nannies

The move seeks to make the recruitment process more efficient and transparent while providing a platform for resolving disputes and ensuring the rights of both employers and domestic workers.

So, it is all about Saudi Arabia announces new work visa rules for foreign domestic workers. 

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