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Republican White House Nominee Vivek Ramaswamy Announces Plan To Eliminate H1B Visa Lottery: In a recent Fox News interview, Vivek Ramaswamy, an Indian-American Republican candidate for the White House, said his disapproval of the H-1B visa program. 

Instead, he suggested a merit-based immigration system that would cater to the requirements of the United States. 

Ramaswamy believes the current H-1B visa lottery system should be replaced with a skill-centric and civic-focused approach.

The H1B visa is used by many IT proffessional in India and allows the US companies to employ foreign workers with specialized skills. 

Technology companies depend on this visa program to hire thousands of workers yearly from nations, including China and India. 

Ramaswamy highlighted the importance of improving the H-1B system and implementing an immigration system based on merit that evaluates abilities beyond technical proficiency. 

He proposed that citizenship testing be included in the visa application process for applicants. 

Also, Ramaswamy disapproved of certain aspects of the H-1B program, such as the limitations placed on visa holders when changing employers without facing bureaucratic hurdles.

Ramaswamy commented on the H-1B system, which he previously referred to as detrimental to all parties involved. 

As a presidential candidate, he feels he must improve the rules to benefit all Americans, and he supports reintroducing merit into the immigration process.

A person named Ramaswamy is competing for the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election. 

He has presented himself as a candidate who supports strict immigration policies. His ideas, such as using military force to secure the border and deporting children born in the US to undocumented immigrants, have attracted attention. 

Despite the high demand for H-1B visas, there are more applicants than available slots. Ramaswamy’s stance on immigration and other policy positions have helped him distinguish himself from the large pool of Republican primary candidates.

So, it is all about republican white house nominee Vivek Ramaswamy announces plan to eliminate H1B visa lottery. 

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