In this article we going to tell you about required PTE score for Finland any much more. Finland is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations in Europe. It hosts several world-class educational institutions that have high-tech research facilities. Finnish universities have been recognized worldwide for their education system. Studying in Finland will make your career grow exponentially.

This is possible because of the several internships and job opportunities in the country. To study in Finland you need to be accepted by a Finnish university as a full-time student.

In addition to your scores, your English proficiency also defines whether you will be admitted into a university. Almost all Finnish universities require you to give an English test to prove your proficiency. Some of the most popular English tests are the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and the Duolingo test of English. Many students are confused regarding the required PTE score for Finland.

In this blog, we will discuss everything regarding the PTE score for Finland.

Benefits of Studying in Finland

Before we discuss the PTE score in detail, let us look at some of the attractive benefits of studying in Finland. This is a comparatively new study-abroad destination that is becoming popular among students. The following are the benefits of studying in Finland:

High-quality education: Finnish universities are among the best in the world. The top ones like the University of Helsinki, Altao University, and the  University of Turku are some of the best universities in the world. 

You can get into any of these universities if you have an excellent academic record and the required PTE score for Finland. The education system of Finnish universities is well organized. You can easily choose the subjects you want to study. You can even study some subjects even if they are not directly related to your study. It is also easy to change fields while studying in Finland. 

Low tuition fees:The best benefit of studying in Finland or any of the European countries is the low tuition fees. The tuition fees are not free as you might have seen in German universities. However, it is lower than English-speaking nations like the USA, UK, or Canada. Furthermore, many scholarships are offered by Finnish universities. You can apply for these scholarships when you apply for your course. Finish universities offer their scholarships which are awarded based on academic excellence as well as the required PTE score for Finland.

Mesmerizing nature: Finland is a beautiful country. You will always be surrounded by mountains, rivers, and other landscapes. This is the best environment that you can choose for your studies.

This is also one of the reasons why Finland is the happiest country in the world. Living and studying in Finland won’t only help you succeed in your career, but it will also help you live a satisfied and fulfilled life.

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How Many Universities in Finland Accept PTE?

Truly speaking, PTE is not much accepted in European countries. Universities do accept PTE scores but IELTS and TOEFL are preferred. The language requirements of European countries are never very easy. They require different minimum scores for different courses. 

The best way to know if your course accepted PTE is to go to the official website of your course. If the website doesn’t have clear instructions on whether it accepts PTE or not then contact the program coordinator directly. You will be able to contact them by email or phone number given on the website. The required PTE score is thus different for all courses and you need to check your course requirement from the website. 

What is the Minimum Required PTE Score for Finland?

The minimum required PTE score is the score that you must have to gain admission to one of the Finnish universities. All Finnish universities require different minimum PTE scores for all their courses. Your course subject highly influences your minimum requirement. However, a score above 60 in the PTE should make you eligible to apply to the universities. 

Note that the eligibility criteria given on the university websites are the minimum criteria that you must have to be able to study at that university. Simply meeting the eligibility criteria will not guarantee you admission to any university. The competition in Finnish universities is very high and you must show excellent academic performance to increase your chances. 

What if You Don’t Have the Minimum PTE Score for Finland?

Many students don’t meet the eligibility criteria for language. This does not mean that they cannot apply to Finnish universities. Many universities will always ask for PTE scores but there are some alternate ways you can use to show your English proficiency.

One of the most popular ways by which you can gain admission even with low PTE scores is by the Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate. If the language of instruction in your last course was English then you can use this as your knowledge of English. This certificate will be issued by the institution in which you last completed your studies. 

If you don’t have the MOI and don’t have a sufficient PTE score, there is one more way that can get you into a Finnish university. This is an online test/interview conducted by the university to test your English. In this test or interview, the university will examine your English skills. 

The benefit of giving this test/interview is that this kind of test does test your writing or reading skills. They just focus on your communication skills which include just listening and speaking skills. So, if you were getting less marks in PTE just because of the writing and reading section then consider this way.

How to Improve Your PTE Score

There is a possibility that your preferred university does not accept MOI nor does it conduct any online test. In this case, you have no option other than giving the PTE and scoring the minimum score required for your course. Sometimes students get anxious when they appear for the PTE or any English test or they may not have prepared for it. All of this leads to low scores. However, all of these issues can be tackled with practice and the right guidance. Here are some tips which will help you score more in your PTE:

Make a schedule: The most important thing while preparing for any exam is to make a study schedule. You should be aware of the entire syllabus of the PTE before you start studying. After understanding the pattern and format of the test, try to identify the topics in which you are already good and those which are your weakness. 

This will help you make a proper schedule that is personalized. Give more time to your weaker topics and keep the best-known topics for the end. Remember that even if you are confident about a topic, never leave it. Take a look at every topic.

Reference books: Another mistake most students make is to study themselves. Many students don’t recognize the importance of reference books in preparation for PTE. Reference books will help you to understand the paper patterns, format, and past-year questions. Some also provide you with practice questions along with answers. The best thing about the PTE is that they offer their official course books for preparation for the test. These coursebooks are made under the guidance of test makers. Studying these books will help you attain the desired PTE score for Finland. 

Practice speaking every day: Speaking section of the PTE is one of the most difficult sections for students. If you are also weak in the speaking section then the only thing that can improve your score in this section is practicing daily. You can never sharpen your spoken English skills by reading books.

For this, you will have to speak English daily with someone. If you don’t have anyone to speak with in English then use English while talking to yourself and while thinking. You can apply the same trick to sharpen your writing skills. You should write at least 1-2 pages a day in English about anything. You can choose to write a review or a summary of a new article that you read or even what happened in your day. This will exponentially increase your PTE score for Finland.

Mock tests: Even when you have studied a lot and practiced every day, you may lack confidence. This confidence can be built only by giving mock tests. The benefits of giving mock tests are immense. You can analyze the scores of your mock tests and identify your weaknesses and strengths.

Then you can study accordingly. Mock tests also help you to gain an idea of the actual test environment. Many students get anxious and tense in the exam hall. This tension is because they are giving the test for the first time. Mock tests help you to prepare for the main exam so that you are less anxious.

Conclusion For PTE Score for Finland

The PTE score requirement for Finland is one of the questions asked by students. Your PTE score is also important as it defines your admission into the university. Many universities favor students who have good English skills over those who just have academic excellence. In this blog, we have covered everything regarding the PTE score for Finland.

We have also included the alternative ways by which you can get admission into Finnish universities and tips that can help you improve your PTE score. Use these tips in your preparation and don’t forget to check the language requirements on your preferred university’s official website. For more similar topics and future updates stay tuned with Course Mentor and at the last best of luck for your journey and academic future.

Frequently Asked Questions (PTE Score for Finland)

Is PTE Accepted in Finland?

Every university in Finland takes IELTS Academic and TOEFL iBT or PBT, and almost all also accept the Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic), Cambridge ESOL Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) or Cambridge ESOL Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

What is the Band Requirement for Finland?

To get into a Finnish university, you usually need an IELTS score of at least 6.5 or a TOEFL score of at least 80 to show that you can speak and understand English.

Is PTE Accepted in USA?

The PTE is accepted at top colleges in the United States. Most of the time, the USA chooses the TOEFL score, but students can also send in their PTE scores. Along with TOEFL and IELTS, PTE test scores are also accepted for US student visas.