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Indonesia Offers Golden Visas To Attract Foreign Investors: The golden visa is a long-term residency visa that allows foreign talents to study, live and work in the UAE while enjoying the exclusive advantages. 

Golden Visa is valid for a minimum of 5 to 10 years and allows people to live in UAE for the duration of the validity period of visas. 

Entrepreneurs, investors, outstanding students and graduates, scientists, frontline heroes and humanitarian pioneers are all eligible for the golden visas. 

In a move to attract thousands of foreign people and corporate investors, Indonesia has announced a new golden visa scheme.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights said in a statement that it has taken this action to boost the economy of the nation. 

A statement from the Director General of Immigration, Silky Karim, said the golden visa gives a residency visa to individuals for a minimum of five to ten years. 

To be eligible for a five or ten-year golden visa, If an individual wants a 5-year visa, they need to set up a company worth $2.5 million. Also, if any person wants a 10-year visa, an investment of $5 million in the company would be needed.

Corporate investors need to invest around $25 million to get 5-year golden visas for commissioners and directors. If they want to get a 10-year visa, they must invest double or $50 million in the company. 

If an individual does not want to invest the money and still be eligible for the golden visa, they can buy the Indonesian government bond, which will range from $350,000 to $700,000.

Silmy Karim also said in a statement once the individuals arrive in Indonesia, the golden visa holders no longer need to apply for any other permit. 

Other countries that also issue golden visas for people include the US, New Zealand, Ireland, and Spain. All of these countries have similar golden visas for individuals and corporate investors seeking to attract capital and entrepreneurial citizens.

So, it is all about Indonesia offers golden visas to attract foreign investors. 

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