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India Resumes E-visa Services for Canadians: India once again offers Canadian citizens e-visa services. This comes after claims made by Canada that Indian agents may have played a part in the murder of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on June 18.

India has dismissed PM Justin Trudeau’s accusations as “absurd” and “motivated.” In September, the nation temporarily stopped issuing visas to Canadian nationals.

India Resumes E-visa Services for Canadians

According to reports, India is once again offering business and tourism e-visa services to Canadians. To maintain balance, India had asked Ottawa to reduce its diplomatic representation in the nation and temporarily stopped issuing visas to Canadian nationals.

Due to this, the relations between India and Canada deteriorated dramatically when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Indian agents in September of having a “potential” role in the June 18 killing of Khalistani rebel Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia.

Nijjar had been designated by India as a terrorist in 2020. Due to this statement, Trudeau’s accusations have been dismissed by India as “absurd” and “motivated”. Hence, Visas for Canadian citizens were temporarily stopped by India a few days following Trudeau’s September charges.

But nowadays, more than a month after they were put on hold, India started offering certain visa services in Canada again. Although some had hoped for better relations when India relaxed its visa requirements, officials and experts in both nations emphasized that there is no reason for any side to rush the restoration to normalcy.

Moreover, India’s intelligence chief was expelled by Canada in Ottawa. Due to this, India swiftly retaliated by banning 13 types of Canadian visas and shutting Canada’s diplomatic mission in India, which Ottawa claimed went against the Vienna Conventions.

After this, New Delhi said on 25 October that they would start issuing visas again under four categories. In addition, Indian officials stated, that this move will facilitate Indians to travel in India starting this month

The greatest Sikh population outside of Punjab is found in Canada, where 770,000 persons were identified as Sikhs in the 2021 census. Moreover, Canada has more than 40% of Indian study permit holders, due to this India is by far the biggest supplier of international students in Canada. India is also a major economic contributor, bringing in over C$20 billion ($15 billion) a year to the country’s education sector.

So, it is all about the latest news that recently, India resumes e-visa Services for Canadians.

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