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India Issues Travel Advisory for its Nationals Due to Amid Ongoing Clashes in Myanmar: The Ministry of External Affairs said in a recent press release that all Indian nationals are advised to avoid non-essential travel to Myanmar.

Moreover, MEA said those who are living in Myanmar are advised to take precautions by avoiding travel to regions affected by violence, and residents should also avoid Inter-state travel by road.

India Issues Travel Advisory for its Nationals Due to Amid Ongoing Clashes in Myanmar

Recently, due to a fight in the bordering areas of Myanmar between the rebel groups and the military junta. India has released an updated travel advisory for its nationals to avoid non-essential travel.

Moreover, those Indian nationals who are living in Myanmar are requested to register with the Indian Embassy, Yangon, by filling up a form.

To do the same, they need to download the MEA website and fill out the available registration form. The application fee will not be charged by the applicant for the registration.

After registering, they are required to submit the following documents to the embassy:

  • Copies of the registration form.
  • Two color passport-size photographs of each family member.
  • One copy of the Passport’s first page, last page, and current visa page. 
  • Passport of each individual for verification.

For submitting their documents, according to the MEA website, Indian nationals have to produce an authority letter and proof of identity either through authorized representatives or in person.

All completing all the formalities, the applicant will get the certificate of registration within one month. 

This travel advisory is released by MEA because, according to the United Nations, after the fresh fight between Myanmar Armed Forces and the Arakan Army, more than 26,000 people have been displaced from Myanmar’s Rakhine state

Meanwhile, due to the fresh airstrikes by the Myanmar army in the bordering areas of the Indo-Myanmar border. More than 5000 people have entered the Indian State of Mizoram.

Due to the wake of the situation, India has called for the end of violence and emphasized the situation resolution through constructive dialogue. That’s why, with ongoing clashes in Myanmar, indian nationals have to register at Yagon, Indian Embassy with the documents.

So, it is all about the latest news of India Issues Travel Advisory for its Nationals Due to Amid Ongoing Clashes in Myanmar.

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