The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is an English language proficiency exam that assesses your ability to use and understand the English language in an academic context. 

Students who wish to migrate to an English-speaking nation for study purposes take this test. This test is computer-based and requires a proper study plan for preparation. 

In this blog, we will explain the best tips on how to prepare for PTE academic test. The following advice will help you prepare for the PTE Academic exam and get good grades.

How To Prepare For PTE Academic Test

Set Your Goal

Each University/course requires different admission PTE scores. So set your goals according to the universities you apply to or the course you want to apply to. The PTE exam does not have a pass or fail marks. 

The most common PTE score is between 55 to 65. Many universities abroad widely accept a score in this range, so first set your goal or try to get that score. This is the first tip on how to prepare for PTE academic test.

Know The Format Of The Exam

After setting a goal and starting your preparation, the first essential preparation step is knowing the PTE exam format. Have a look at the format of the PTE exam.

SectionDurationQuestion Type
Speaking and writing54 – 67 minutesRepeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short question
Summarize written text
Essay (20 mins)
Reading30 – 43 minutesReading & writing: Fill in the blanks
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
Re-order paragraphs
Reading: Fill in the blanks
Multiple-choice, choose single answer
Listening29 – 30 minutesSummarize spoken text
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
Fill in the blanks
Highlight correct summary
Multiple-choice, choose single answer
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation

This is the second tip on how to prepare for PTE academic test.

Practice Everyday

Everyday practice is key to achieving a bigger thing. You can practice for the PTE from the official website. You can find these questions on the official PTE or other educational websites. 

As the PTE exam has three major modules, Speaking & Writing, Listening, and Reading, you should concentrate on three of them every day. Then only you can score a decent score as you expected. 

For the reading section, you can read an English book every day at least 3-4 pages, or reading a newspaper daily is also a good choice for reading practice. For Listening, you can watch English Television shows, Movies, or podcasts. If any unknown word appears, find the meaning for that immediately. 

For the Speaking section, speak in English with your friends or family members for at least one hour per day. These everyday practices will make a huge impact on your PTE academic marks.

This is the third tip on how to prepare for PTE academic test. Read our other blog to learn How To Improve Spelling In PTE.

Learn New Vocabulary

As the Pearson Test of English is an English language proficiency test, you should know the new vocabulary words. Having a strong knowledge of vocabulary will make you understand the question easily. 

Try to note down unknown words asked in PTE academic test and search for meaning for them. Learn at least 3-5 new vocabulary every day. This will improve your vocabulary skill slowly.

Grammar And Writing Skills Are More Important

The PTE Academic test Speaking and writing section wants you to speak fluently in English and write an essay on a given topic. Assign a topic to yourself and write an essay on that. Get feedback from your friend or teacher. 

Try to correct your mistakes. This will enhance your writing skill and also helps to get maximum marks in the PTE academic exam.

For the speaking section, you need to speak fluently in English. For that, grammar is more important, so try to improve your grammar skills. Study the grammar rules for PTE and try to implement that in your further tests.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests will help you track your progress and tell you the area you need to improve. The mock tests are available on the official PTE websites or other Websites. 

At least take 2 – 3 mock exams before going o the actual exam. This will give you confidence and also will reduce exam pressure.

After knowing how to prepare for PTE academic test, here are some things to remember before the exam.

Read our other blog to learn the best tips on How To Improve Fluency In PTE Speaking.

Things To Remember Before The Exam

  • Keep all the documents and IDs with you before going to the exam.
  • Once you reach the exam center, stay calm and focused, and don’t think of anything unnecessary.
  • If you like to hear a song, then listen to the song you love. This will calm your mind.
  • Stay positive. Have a mindset to face anything further.

Do’s And Don’ts During The Test


  • To ensure you understand what is required, carefully read the directions and questions and pay close attention to the audio recordings.
  • Consider your pace and how much time you should spend on each section. Make sure to finish all of the questions in the time provided.
  • Speaking with clarity and assurance is important throughout the speaking portion of the test. While you speak, pay attention to how you pronounce words and work to sound assured and fluid.
  • Don’t let tension or anxiety overwhelm you; maintain your composure. To give your best performance in the test, maintain your composure and cool throughout.
  • Examine your responses: Before submitting your responses, ensure you have carefully reviewed your answers.


  • Avoid speaking too quickly or slowly when responding to questions during the speaking portion of the exam. Avoid speaking excessively quickly or slowly because doing so could hurt your grade.
  • Don’t ignore the instructions: Before responding to each question, be sure you have carefully read the instructions. A lower grade may be awarded if instructions are not followed.
  • Answer all queries completely: Even if you are unsure of the answer, try your best to provide an answer to every question. Your final grade may suffer if you leave queries unanswered.

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In this blog, we have explained how to prepare for PTE academic test. After the tips, there are also some things you need to remember before the exam, and some do’s and don’ts during the exam that you must follow.

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How long does it take to prepare for PTE Academic?

The answer to this question may vary from test taker to test taker. Some test takers can prepare for the test within a month, and some need at least 3 months to prepare for the PTE. But the average time to prepare for the PTE exam is 4 to 6 months.

How many times can I attempt PTE?

You can take the PTE exam as many times as you want; there is no limit to taking the PTE exam.