Can we postpone the IELTS exam? This is one of the major questions that will arise in every student’s mind when facing a difficult situation. So they start searching for how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP. In this blog, you will get proper guidance for this query; just read the complete blog without missing any detail.

Not everybody can attend the IELTS exam on a fixed date. Some students may be unable to attend the exam due to some situations and fear what to do now and how to cancel or reschedule the exam. 

If we cancel, do they refund the money? Many questions will come to mind while canceling the exam. In this article, we will see how to postpone or Cancel the IELTS exam in greater detail.

How To Postpone IELTS Exam IDP 

IDP in India conducts the IELTS exam. Candidates can postpone the IELTS exam through online and offline modes. First, we see how to postpone the exam in offline mode. 

How To Postpone IELTS Exam Date IDP (In Person)

If you want to postpone or cancel the exam, contact the exam center wherever you reserve your exam. But you must inform them at least five weeks before the exam; you will get a refund after deducting the 25% administrative fee.

If the candidate cancels or reschedules the exam within five weeks of duration, they do not get any refund unless and until they have a medical reason; then only they have a chance to get a refund. Students may get a refund based on their level of medical reasons.

Suppose you didn’t give any reasons or did not submit proper documents before the test date. In that case, you will be marked absent, and without any excuses, your test will be automatically canceled by IDP, and no refund will be provided.

Now the question arises can the candidate reschedule the fixed IELTS exam date? Yes, they can. But there are some instructions to keep in mind. So keep reading to know how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP.

If a candidate wants to reschedule their exam date from the original test date, they must apply for rescheduling five weeks before the exam. And Within three months, if there is availability in dates, you can book a new test date. otherwise, you cannot reschedule your exam date. 

You may only have to pay an administration fee to reschedule the exam date if you reschedule the exam at least 5 weeks before the exam.

If the candidate did not have enough time to reschedule the exam within five weeks, they could re-register for the test date. This will be counted as a cancellation of the previous test. And the candidate won’t receive the refund unless they provide proper medical reasons.

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Steps To Postpone IELTS Exam Date

Here we will explain 6 simple steps on how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP that you must follow to postpone the exam in person.

STEP 1: Download the reschedule or cancellation document on the IELTS website.

STEP 2: Then complete the application by giving all the necessary details.

STEP 3: If you apply for cancellation, fill in those fields, and give proper reasons for cancellation. If you apply for rescheduling, choose the transfer field. And select the new date when you want to attend your IELTS test.

STEP 4: Once you apply for a rescheduling, the previous exam will be counted as a cancelation. Submit a cancellation cheque along with the application form.

STEP 5: Attach proper medical/emergency documents.

STEP 6: Submit all forms in person, by mail or by fax.

How To Postpone IELTS Exam Date IDP (Online)

You can postpone or cancel the exam online mode as well. For uncertain reasons, you must upload proper medical/emergency reasons. Then only they consider your request.

So, if you want to apply to reschedule the exam online, then you have to inform them 15 days before the exam. If you apply within 15 to 34 days, you need to give a proper reason for rescheduling, and you don’t need to give any reasons when you apply for rescheduling at least 34 days before the exam date.

Canceling The Ielts Exam  Online

If a candidate wants to apply for cancellation, then they have to apply 15 days before the exam. Propper medical/emergency documents must be submitted along with the cancellation application. The refund will be provided based on your proper reasons. The request will be processed, and a refund will be received within 8 to 10 working days.

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Steps To Apply For Rescheduling The Exam Date (Online)

Here you will get the 8 easy steps on how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP online.

STEP 1: Log on to the official IELTS IDP India website

STEP 2: Choose the reschedule/cancel the exam button.

STEP 3: Select a reason for rescheduling/cancellation.

STEP 4: You need to upload some required documents.

STEP 5: Once you upload all the documents, you will receive an acknowledgment for the request submission. If your request is not processed or accepted, you will be informed by mail or SMS.

STEP 6: Once your request gets approved, you can select a new test date and location of the exam.

STEP 7: Then check the terms and conditions and upload your passport.

STEP 8: Then pay the fees for rescheduling.


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In this article, we have explained how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP in person or online because many students have confused about rescheduling or canceling the exam. This article helped you to gain more information about rescheduling and canceling the IELTS exam!

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Can I retake IELTS reading only?

IELTS is planning to introduce a new feature of retaking only one module of the IELTS exam. This feature is available only in some big centers of Australia, and soon it will be available in all big countries.

Is IELTS retake free?

There is no limit of taking the IELTS exam. But it is not free; every time you take the IELTS exam, you have to pay the full registration fee for the exam.