PTE score is calculated on a scale of 0-90 and the score is given differently for all four modules. PTE is a computer-based English-language testing exam. 

It tests your English proficiency on the basis of listening, reading, speaking, and writing. It is also used by international professionals moving abroad for work. 

The PTE exam is not much common for admission to universities in the US but it is applicable to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

The PTE test is divided into three sections:

  • Reading
  • Speaking and Writing
  • Listening

NOTE: The speaking and writing modules take place in one single section. 

In this blog, I will provide the necessary PTE scores along with how to calculate PTE score. 

PTE scoring system

To get the answer to how to calculate PTE score, you will first have to understand the PTE scoring system. 

PTE score is calculated by inputting the scores of different sections in the automated scoring systems and then the final score is generated. 

Different tasks are analyzed and given scores on a different basis. Some of the tasks are awarded marks only if the task is correctly answered, which means you will either get marks or not. 

But in some other tasks, the marks are awarded on the basis of the quality, correctness, and formality of the answer. 

To clearly understand how to calculate PTE score, you must first know what are the different types of tasks and how they are evaluated. 

The PTE spring system awards the scores in two types; 

  • Partial credit scores
  • Correct or incorrect scores 
  • Partial credit scores: Partial scores are the scores that evaluate the correctness of the answer and award partial credit to the correct answer. All the wrong answers will lead to a deduction of the score. 
  • Correct or incorrect type scores: The correct or incorrect type questions are easy to calculate, you will either get full marks if the answer is correct or you won’t get any marks if the answer is incorrect.

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How To Calculate PTE Score?

There is a total of 20 question types in the PTE exam, and candidates have to attempt 70 – 91 questions. The score for all these questions is given from the PTE band calculator, which is then converted to the PTE score. 

The total score of the PTE test is calculated on the basis of the candidate’s performance in all the modules. 

The scores of all the candidates are released in the form of PTE Academic score reports or PTE scorecard. This scorecard has all the information regarding how the total score was calculated on the basis of communicator scores and enabling scores.

The two main types of scores that contribute to the PTE score and band calculation are the communicative and enabling scores.

Now to answer the question of How to calculate PTE score more clearly, let us discuss the overall score, communicative score, and enabling score in detail. 

Communicative score: The communicator score evaluates your ability to communicate in English and thus it assesses the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections of the test. Your performance in the four modules will define your communicator score. The communicator score has 10-90 points.

Enabling score: The enabling score evaluates your knowledge and skill of grammar spelling, pronunciation, oral fluency, vocabulary, and other skills which can enable you to speak fluently in English. The enabling score also ranges from 10-90 points. To test these subtle skills all four sections will be minutely checked to see if you have qualified for the standard requirements.

The skills specified above are all important for the overall score as the average of all these skills is evaluated and taken into account. Make sure to keep in mind that you demonstrate these skills nicely in your answers to get more scores.

Overall score: Now that you know all the procedures and the aspect that are measured while calculating the overall PTE score let’s get to the overall score-calculating mechanism. The PTE score can be easily calculated if you know clearly how to calculate PTE score. You will find many PTE score calculators on the internet but here we will describe how you can do it yourself. 

Since, there are two major scores that make up the final score, enabling and communicator scores. The enabling score is calculated on the basis of 6 enabling skills. These enabling scores from all these 6 scores are added and then the sum of these skills is divided by 6 (since the total number of skills that have made up this sum is 6 skills). 

The communicator score is calculated by adding up all four skills, reading, listening, and writing. The average score of the enabling score is added to the other four communicator scores, which are then divided by 5 to get an average score. The score thus obtained is the final PTE score. 

Let’s take a case study of How to calculate PTE score

Suppose a candidate scored 79 in grammar, 90 in oral fluency, 70 in pronunciation, 65 in spelling, 84 in vocabulary, and 50 in written discourse. These six skills come under the enabling score. As discussed above we will now average the score of these 6 skills. 

The sum will be (79+90+70+65+84+50) = 438. This 440 is the sum of all the enabling skills which will be further divided by 6. After dividing the total enabling score is 73. This is the average score of the enabling skills, now we will add this value to the other 4 factors that contribute to the communicator skills and then find out the overall average.

Suppose the same candidate has scored 90 in listening, 82 in reading, 90 in speaking, and 84 in writing. Now we will add the above obtained 73 scores of enabling skills to these four values. The sum thus obtained (90+82+90+84+73) is 419. Now, this sum will be divided by 5 to get the average of these values. After division, we get 83.8.

This final score will be rounded off to 84. The possess of how to calculate PTE score can be lengthy. 

PTE score availability 

The PTE scores are available within just 5 business days of giving the test. This is very convenient and faster as compared to other English language testing exams. 

PTE Score Validity

Now that you have understood how to calculate PTE score, we will discuss the validity of the PTE (Pearson Test of English) score. The PTE score is valid for a duration of 2 years after the date of giving the exam. 

After the expiry of the score, it won’t be considered a valid score at any university, and then you will have to retake the test. 

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In this blog, I have discussed how to calculate PTE score. The PTE exam is a universal exam and the exam is accepted in various universities around the world. The PTE exam has gained more popularity in the last decade and will continue to get more popular given its authenticity. 

Now that you have a clear view of the score calculation of the PTE exam you will be able to prepare more easefully. I hope this blog helped you to clear all your doubts related to how to calculate your PTE score.


Is 50 PTE easy to score?

Yes, it is said to be a very easy task to score 50 in PTE. If you have a good knowledge of the English language you can easily get a 50 score in PTE with a little practice.

What is the lowest score in PTE?

The PTE score is given to the candidate on a scale of 10 to 90. So 10 is considered the lowest score in the PTE exam.