Have you ever been so taken aback by the way an app is designed that you wondered how it was created? Did you know that a team of Android Developers is in charge of this? 

So, this blog on How to Become an Android Developer will assist you in becoming one of the successful developers whose primary goal is to create a worldwide accepted application.

Who is an android developer?

An Android Developer is a person who makes our life easier by creating mobile or desktop applications that assist us in our daily tasks. So, if you’re wondering who an Android Developer is, I’d say they are a Software Developer who specialises in creating Android applications.

This means that an Android Developer’s role is to design applications for whichever domain the company works in. They can develop complicated and straightforward apps, such as gaming applications (PUBG, Candy Crush, Word Cookies, etc.).

As an Android developer, you must make your job posting and duties clear. As a result, I’ve written down a few critical Android Developer roles and responsibilities. 

Roles And Responsibilities

These responsibilities and roles define who is qualified to be a successful developer.

  • You should create and design Android apps.
  • Should collaborate with the design and testing teams to produce higher-quality products with fewer problems.
  • Learn how to use various APIs and data sources.
  • Know how to deal with bugs
  • Continuous examination, the discovery of new technologies, and their application

The next question is, why to take an Android Developer role when there are so many other development job roles to choose from. Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to pursue a career as an Android developer.

Why Should You Choose Android Development?

There are a lot of compelling reasons to pursue Android development. Here are a few of them are listed below:


Because Android is an open-source platform, it decreases package licencing costs, resulting in minimal investment and good return on investment (Return on Investment). They offer a large community that allows you to communicate directly with the developers in the event of issues or future releases.

Android is an evolving platform

The apps that are made either gain a huge popularity or are rated highly on the Google Play store. Google is constantly upgrading and releasing new versions of key services. As a result, you’ll receive updates on a regular basis that include new features that have been introduced to your programme. It’s also a difficult effort to create something that will attract the attention of any user.

It is easy to adopt

If you work in technology such as Software Testing or Full Stack Development, you will find it simple to understand the Java programming language, which is one of the most widely used languages for developing apps. It’s also true that anyone with a basic understanding of Java can simply create an Android app.

Easy to learn

Developers would undoubtedly believe that the time spent learning how to construct an Android application is significantly shorter than that spent learning other technologies. The job is done if you know Java and scripting languages like Perl and PHP.

Job Roles

Here are some job roles of android developers: 

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Embedded Software Engineer – Mobile
  • Lead Software Engineer- Mobile
  • Android Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Developer

What Are The Skills Required For How To Become An Android Developer?


The most essential skill required for an Android Developer is to have a piece of core knowledge about the Java programming language. Many of the Android applications are based on the platform Java. One should be familiar with all the concepts of Java which are Variables, Loops, control structure, and Lists. It is the most important element of how to become an android developer.

Today Android has reached a level where it controls 90% of the applications that we use in our mobile phones, the reason for developing applications at such high numbers is because of the Java program, it is considered to be one of the most popular platforms to learn and develop an application and also it is the best programming language so far. Most of the developers use Java as their first preference.

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XML (Extensible Markup Language)

XML is a language that extinguishes the set of rules by encoding documents in a way that is easy, explainable, and understandable to both machines as well as its maker i.e. Humans. It is a platform through which the information can be shared between the devices. It is the most important element of how to become an android developer.

The developers use the language of XML to produce a layout that helps to identify the User Interface which is to be used in Android applications. The functioning of the XML makes writing Java code in the layout function in the application though it is already running. This skill is considered to be one of the most important when it comes to Android developers. The main feature that XML gives is that it helps in parsing the data directly from the internet.

Material Design

This is the skill that every Android developer should be known to, Material Design is the only key that will make the overview of the android system outlook. Almost every Android device uses Google as its base guidelines to create a User Interface for the device. It is one of the important element of how to become an android developer.

Google uses voice commands, image recognition, and also some extensions like chrome, Gmail, and much more. These are some handy features for an android system device which will be like all the other android devices. The guideline used must include tips that should be present on the screen.

Material design is the foundation of the android developers for the sake of User Interface. The Material design of the device will depict the comparison between an IOS and OS system. OS is used by the Android developer whereas IOS is used by Apple.

Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

The reason why many students are getting drifted towards an Android developer is that Android has got some cool tools to play with while developing an application. SDK plays a key role when it comes to the essential tools needed to build an application on an Android device. It is the most important element of how to become an android developer.

Android SDK consists of some of the most important elements that help to develop, test, and debug an Android application, the important elements are as follows, Handy coding tools, software libraries, sample code, and a lot more. An Android SDK mainly consists of Java code modules that help the developer to approach the functioning of mobile phone devices like, speakers, accelerometers, and cameras.

Average Android developer salary in US :

  • Junior: $80,733 per year
  • Mid-Level: $96,012 per year
  • Senior: $115,086 per year

Average Android developer salary in Canada:

  • Junior: $50,000 per year
  • Mid-Level: $78,000 per year
  • Senior: $106,000 per year

Average Android developer salary UK:

  • Junior: £21,509 per year
  • Mid-Level: £41,000 per year
  • Senior: £59,046 per year

Average Android developer salary by level in India:

  • Junior: ₹182,837 ($2,443) per year
  • Mid-Level: ₹336,000 ($4,468) per year
  • Senior: ₹810,471 ($10,830) per year

Final Thoughts

Android mobile phones are so handy and simple to access, the reason behind this outstanding technology is the Android developers and the creative mind behind it. Many of the new generations want to undergo deep research more about the working of the application like How, What, Why, When, and Where. The Android system has made our life look so serene and quick. This blog consists of information regarding what, why, and how to become an Android developer, and possibly help to bring out some new faces in the world of Android development.

How To Become An Android Developer FAQ’s

Is it Possible to Work as an Android Developer Without a Degree?

Yes, if you attend a coding Bootcamp, you can become an Android developer without a degree. The majority of boot camps endure three to six months, although others extend a year or more. Another common option to get into Android development is to teach yourself.

Is It Difficult to Work as an Android Developer?

Yes, becoming an Android developer is difficult, but it is not impossible. You’ll need a combination of technical and soft abilities to succeed. If you don’t have any prior coding knowledge and aren’t technologically inclined, you may face greater difficulties than experienced programmers.