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Finland Is Looking For New International Talent: Finland has emerged as a hub of great opportunities for researchers, students, and innovators. Due to the rising labor crisis, the country actively welcomes international workers. 

The senior director and head of work in Finland at Business Finland, Laure Lindeman, discussed various initiatives like ‘Work in Finland’ and ‘Talent Boost’ that enable the global inflow of skilled and tech-savvy professionals in an interview with the Times of India.

She highlighted that Finland is committed to international connectivity and views new international talent as contributors to building new connections with the rest of the world. 

Recognizing the importance of human capital in improving competitiveness, Finland aims to attract a diverse workforce and foster innovation, internationalization, and company growth. 

Finland Is Looking For New International Talent

Lindeman said Finland wants to attract new talent and generate growth, internationalization, and well-being in collaboration with various international workforces. 

Also, Finland aims to attract around 15,000 international students a year by 2030 and wants to grow the work-based migration to 30,000 per year. 

The Director of Immigration Affairs, Helsinki, Glenn Gassen, told TOI in July that the Finnish society is aging; therefore, the country needs more young and talented people to join the labor market. 

He added that we see India as one of our focus countries and want to strengthen our partnership. 

India’s population is growing young and full of untapped talent, and Finland has had fantastic experiences with Indian students, professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs. 

There is an active Indian business community in Finland, and it has been observed that Indian newcomers integrate quickly and emerge as successful individuals. 

Lindeman agrees with this observation and mentions that India has been Finland’s top target country for attracting the most talented individuals since 2019. 

She added that most experts coming to Finland from outside the EU/ETA area are Indians. Employers in Finland are well familiar with Indian talent, and Indians feel comfortable here due to the relatively large Indian diaspora.

Due to labor crises and an aging population, Finland seeks new and young talent in sectors such as digitalization, ICT, cleantech, and the social and health sectors. 

The government actively supports startups, offering transparency, stability, and resources. Various incubators, accelerators, venture capital funds, initiatives such as the Finnish Startup Permit and many funding opportunities contribute to the flourishing startup ecosystem.

The new initiative, “Work in Finland,” under the broader ‘Talent Boost’ program, serves as a central platform (

This platform offers information on job searches, living conditions, and aspects of relocating to Finland. 

Lindeman also emphasized the portal’s support for employers in providing guidance, international recruitment, financing, coaching, and mentoring. 

Lindeman states concerns about resentment among the local Finnish population are unfounded. 

Polls indicate that Finns have a positive attitude toward promoting international labor migration and understand the necessity of foreign workers for business success and growth.

Although Finland maintains a strict immigration policy, the government recognizes the importance of labor-based migration and ensures that foreign workers have equal work rights. 

As a result, Finland is embracing global talent as a catalyst for its development and prosperity.

So, it is all about Finland Is Looking For New International Talent.

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