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Families Of Indians In Canada Worried Due To Strained Diplomatic Relations: Due to the tension in the relationship between New Delhi and Ottawa over the killing of the leader of Khalistani, families of those people who are either working or studying in Canada are worried and demand that both countries resolve the issue amicably. 

On Thursday, India suspended all the visa services in Canada till further notice. This move comes after the Prime Minister of Canada made allegations of the involvement of Indian agents in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in June. India has rejected the accusation as ridiculous.

Families Of Indians In Canada Worried Due To Strained Diplomatic Relations

The escalating diplomatic row between Canada and India has left many families in Punjab anxious. Also, Canada is one of the best and preferred destinations for people from Punjab to study, work, and settle down. 

A local shopkeeper living in Kapurthala, Rishipal, said he is worried about his daughter’s safety, who went to Canada 8 months ago on a study visa. 

A citizen of Gandhi Nagar in Ludhiana district, Gopal, said that he was worried about the two sons in the present situation, and they had both gone to Canada for higher studies. 

Another local businessman, Vikas Marwaha, in Hoshiarpur, also expressed their concerns regarding the security and future of his son, who went to Toronto, Canada, about one and half years ago on a work permit. 

The latest move of the Indian government to suspend visa services in Canada has also upset the plans of the citizens in Canada who want to visit their native places in Punjab. 

Arshpal Singh, a 38-year-old man, and his wife plan to move to Canada on a work permit by October 12. Although Singh expressed some concerns, he remains hopeful that the issue will soon be resolved. The couple has already resigned from their current jobs in preparation for their new life in Canada. 

According to Inderpal Singh, a representative of an immigration consultancy services company in Kapurthala, Canada, he has received calls from eight to nine Canadian citizens who planned to attend marriage ceremonies in India during November this year. 

However, these individuals have canceled their hotel bookings and tickets due to the strained relations between the two countries. This cancellation will affect their travel plans and hurt Mr Singh’s company’s business.

Dr. Balwinderjit Singh, an eye surgeon from Hoshiarpur, revealed that his brother Maninder and his family migrated to Canada eight years ago. Due to the suspension of visa services for Canadian citizens, visiting their hometowns in India will be challenging. 

The relationship between India and Canada has deteriorated because of the growing presence of pro-Khalistani groups in North America. India feels that the Canadian government is not addressing its honest worries.

So, it is all about families of Indians in Canada worried due to strained diplomatic relations.

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