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Canada Updates Travel Advisory For India: Amid a diplomatic row between Canada and India, Canada has updated its travel advisory for its residents in India and asked them to stay vigilant and exercise caution.

The Canadian government issued an advisory highlighting the recent events in Canada and India that have led to calls for protests and increased negativity towards Canada on social media platforms. The advisory said individuals should remain vigilant and exercise caution.

Diplomatic tensions between Canada and India escalated after the Canadian Prime Minister alleged the “possible” involvement of Indian agents in killing Khalistani leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil on June 18. It is important to note that India had declared Nijjar a terrorist in 2020.

India veiled vehemently to all these allegations and called them “absurd” and “motivated.” As a retaliatory measure, India displaced a senior Canadian diplomat, reflecting Canada’s removal of an Indian official over the same case.

The previous week, India also issued a similar advisory to its students and citizens living in Canada. Additionally, India introduced its decision to suspend the issuance of all categories of visas, including e-visas, for Canadian citizens. 

In the advisory, India warned its residents living in Canada about the increasing amount of anti-India activities, criminal violence, and politically condoned hate crimes in the nation. 

Indian residents who are living in Canada were strongly advised to exercise the utmost caution, and they were also instructed to avoid traveling to some venues and regions in Canada that have witnessed these types of incidents. 

Also, Canada had rejected all the travel advisories issued by India for its residents, asserting that it remains one of the best and safest countries in the world. 

So, it is all about Canada updates travel advisory for India. 

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