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Canada Is Concerned About The Integrity Of The Student Immigration System: Marc Miller, the Immigration minister of Canada, in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, said he is concerned about the integrity of the immigration system that educates thousands of international students every year and not just the added pressure they put on housing. 

In the same interview, Mark Millar said that more than 800,00 international students are expected to come to Canada this year. He also said that these numbers of students are more than at any other time in history and are almost three times the number that entered the country a decade ago.

According to Miller, the university system that attracts international students is quite profitable, but unfortunately, it has led to some negative effects, such as fraud. Some individuals use what appears to be an alternative route, like backdoor entry, to enter Canada.

Marc said that every year, public and private universities in Canada generate around $14.7-$22.1 billion in revenue from those individuals who come to study from any other country.  Also, Canada is one of the most famous destinations for international students since it is easy to get a work permit. 

He said that while some individuals are earning money from it rightfully, others are exploiting the system, and my main concern is with the integrity of the system. 

Miller expressed that he is primarily concerned about the private colleges that have just ballooned in various regions of Canada rather than the public universities.

The Conservative Party of the opposition has frequently attacked Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration for being unable to address the housing shortage.

The housing minister of Canada said the government of Canada is considering whether to cap the number of international students allowed every year to reduce the housing crunch, but Marc Miller was doubtful. 

Marc Miller responded that just putting a hard cap on international students, which got a lot of public play over the past few days, is not the only solution to this. 

So, it is all about Canada Is Concerned About The Integrity Of The Student Immigration System. 

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