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Ireland is becoming popular among international students for higher studies. Its popularity is due to the quality of education, low cost of living while maintaining a high standard of life, and the country’s beautiful landscape. All these reasons make Ireland one of the best study-abroad destinations. Students after 12th are specifically choosing to go to Ireland as it offers a variety of courses.

Moreover, the main benefit of studying in Ireland is that you will get all the benefits of studying in Europe. Most European countries don’t prefer to speak in English, while Ireland has English as one of the most popular languages in the country. Many students are confused regarding the requirements and the range of bachelors degrees in Ireland. The academic and language requirements differ in all countries, and you should know the requirements beforehand to prepare accordingly. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail why should you choose Ireland, the different requirements for bachelors degree in Ireland, and the best bachelors degree options in Ireland. So let’s get started.

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Why should you choose Ireland?

Ireland is a new study-abroad destination, and students are often confused about whether they should choose a new destination or not. Ireland offers several benefits that help international students live a prosperous life. All the major reasons for pursuing a bachelors degree in Ireland are given below:

Why should you choose Ireland

English as a Popular Language

Everyone is aware of the benefits of European countries. The first and main reason is that they offer a high standard of living at a comparatively low study cost. They are also rich in cultural heritage and have high-ranking universities. The only problem with European countries as study-abroad destinations is language. Most European countries do not prefer to speak in English or have many English-taught programs. Ireland gives a major advantage to students as most of its people speak English. Moreover, the Irish universities are also very majorly run in English. 

Post-study Benefits 

Most students face problems after completing their studies in a foreign country as the post-study visa procedures are either too tedious or are not very beneficial. Ireland offers great benefits to all international students who have completed their bachelors degree in Ireland. You can easily apply for jobs while being on a post-study visa. This visa allows you to stay and look for jobs for some time. With this visa, you can work full-time for 40 hours per week. If you have completed a bachelors degree in Ireland, you will be allowed to stay till 1 year after completion of your studies. This limit is 2 years for a student with a master’s degree in Ireland. 

High-quality Education

The quality of education is the most important thing you should look for in a study-abroad country. Ireland hosts 9 universities, 14 institutes of technology, and about 5 colleges of education. The Irish universities are recognized worldwide and contribute highly to research and development in all subjects.

Some universities like Trinity College Dublin have acquired a place in the top 100 universities in the world as per the QS world university rankings. Irish universities have a holistic approach to education. They are more interested in skill building and giving practical knowledge so that your bachelors degree in Ireland can easily get you a good job. 

Lower Cost of Education

The cost of education, like other European countries, is less in Ireland. The universities do charge a higher fee for international students, but they do not charge as high as English-speaking countries. Some universities offer bachelors degree in Ireland programs at just EUR 7000-8000. This is a lot less than in other European countries. The cost of the study varies a lot, depending on your preferred course. For most courses, the cost is EUR 9000-20,000. You can visit the website of your preferred course for more precise information. 

Work Opportunities

Another reason to pursue a bachelors degree in Ireland is the work the country offers. Head offices of major tech and pharmaceutical companies are located in Ireland, which manage the operations across Europe. If you are in the fields of Life science, Pharmacy, Tech, and Management, then Ireland will offer you loads of work opportunities. The employability rate of Irish universities is 80-95%. 

These are some of the reasons why should you choose Ireland. Now, let’s discuss the requirements for a bachelors degree in Ireland.

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Requirements for Bachelors Degree in Ireland

The admission requirements are the most important thing to consider if you want to study in Ireland. The admission requirements are a lot easier, but the quality of education remains high.

Requirements for Bachelors Degree in Ireland

So let’s get started.

Educational Requirement

If you have scored a minimum of 60% in your 12th, then you can apply to any program for bachelors degree in Ireland. If your score is above 50%, you can try various certificate and diploma programs. Remember that these are the minimum admission requirements, and securing this much percentage won’t guarantee admission to any university.  You must have work experience or an internship in your field to increase your chances of admission.

IELTS score

Since most Irish universities have English as a medium of instruction, you need to show good English proficiency. This can be proven by giving standard English tests like the IELTS and the TOEFL. The specific band requirements are different for all the universities, and you must check your course requirements from the official website only. 


Letters of recommendation are highly important when applying for a bachelors degree in Ireland. European countries give high preference to students who have some sort of work experience. If you have work experience, you must submit 2 letters of recommendation from your employers, who can comment on your abilities in the best way. 


The Statement of Purpose defines your motivation to study a specific course in the university you are applying to. This is one of the most important documents which can compensate for your lower academic score. Never use any AI software to write your SOP. The universities will immediately reject your application if any case of copying is found in the SOP. You can take ideas from the net but never copy them as it is, always write your own story. 


The universities in Europe ask for a student’s CV to get detailed information on the student’s interests and experience. Note that a European CV’s format differs from your country’s format. So, surf the net to understand the European CV format and submit the document accordingly. 

Proof of funds

You must prove that you have sufficient funds to sponsor your studies. If you have been offered a scholarship, then that scholarship must cover all your expenses.

Medical insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for pursuing a bachelors degree in Ireland. This insurance will cover all your health expenses in case of an emergency. The insurance should be valid in the entire European area, or it can also be a global health insurance that is valid worldwide. 

Application fees

All the universities require you to pay an application fee, which is a non-refundable fee and has to be paid to every university that you apply. Sometimes, you may get an application fee waiver if you cannot pay the fee yourself. 

Proof of accommodation

Many students are confused about accommodation in Ireland. There are many hostel and dorm facilities available in all the universities. Moreover, you can rent an apartment or live with some of your friends so that the cost is distributed. The proof of accommodation and an employment contract must also be submitted. 

So all these points, such as educational requirements, IELTS score, LOR, SOP, Resume, Proof of Funds, Medical Insurance, Application fees, and Proof of Accommodation, are the must-have requirements for pursuing bachelors degree in Ireland.

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Best Options for Bachelors Degree in Ireland

Now that you have all the information regarding studying in Ireland and having the minimum admission requirements for application. Now, let us discuss the best bachelors degree in Ireland programs offered by Irish universities. Here is a detailed list, you can choose any of them according to your interest. 

Cloud Computing

Pharmaceutical Science

Life Sciences

Management Information System

Artificial Intelligence


Business Analytics

Big Data Management

Aeronautical Engineering

Engineering courses

Geographic Informations System

A bachelors degree in any trending field will help you get a job in Ireland. However, computer science courses and engineering courses are always high in demand. Medical courses are also among the more in-demand courses, but their admission requirements are more strict. 

Here is a list of top universities in Ireland which offer a range of bachelors programs to choose from:

Trinity College Dublin

University College Dublin

University of Limerick

Munster Technological University

Technological University Dublin (Blanchardstown)

Maynooth University

University College Cork

National University of Ireland Galway

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Dundalk Institute of Technology

Waterford Institute of Technology

Dublin Business School

This is all about the best bachelors degree in Ireland programs option.


Ireland is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for international students who cannot afford other English-speaking countries. The benefits of studying in Ireland are enormous, as discussed in this blog. The admission requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Ireland have also been discussed, which will help you to prepare better for your applications. Start your application by researching universities and different courses. You should take out at least 2-3 months for application preparation. After receiving an Irish university’s acceptance letter, start your visa application process. The visa application can take months to process; thus, you should apply at least 2 – 3 months before the start of your studies. 

I hope all the information discussed in this article, such as why should you choose Ireland, the different requirements for Bachelors degree in Ireland, and the best bachelors degree options in Ireland, will be helpful to you. To learn more about related content, topics, and information, visit CourseMentor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many years is a Bachelors Degree in Ireland?

A Bachelors Degree in Ireland is of three years. But in some cases, the time might extend to four years.

2. How much does a Bachelors Degree cost in Ireland?

The cost of pursuing Bachelors Degree in Ireland might differ from university to university. For instance, the tuition fee of University College Dublin is 16000-25600 euros, and NUI Galway is 16,750- 23000 euros. So, to know the actual cost of pursuing Bachelors Degree in Ireland, visit the official site of the university before applying to get all the required information.