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Ayush Visa Introduced For Foreign Travelers To Promote Medical Tourism In India: The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the creation of a new category of visa, Ayush Visa. It is for foreign nationals who are ready to visit the nation for the purpose of medical treatment, including therapeutic care, wellness and yoga in India.

This article will discuss Ayush Visa introduced for foreign travelers to promote medical tourism in India. So, let’s dive in to explore the Ayush visa. 

Ayush Visa Introduced For Foreign Travelers To Promote Medical Tourism In India

This new and special visa will fulfill the main purpose of introducing a specific visa scheme for foreigners who are visiting India for only treatment across the various streams. According to some reports, Ayush’s visa seeks to meet the requirements to introduce a new and special visa scheme for foreigners.  

The Ayush Visa seeks to boost India as a hub for holistic wellness and alternative healthcare solutions. With its rich history and expertise in these ancient practices, India offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking natural and traditional approaches to health and well-being.

Foreign visitors interested in the benefits of Ayush treatments can now apply for this visa, which facilitates their travel and stay in India to receive these services. This initiative not only showcases India’s cultural heritage but also provides a boost to its healthcare and tourism industries.

Referring to this, Sarbananda Sonowal, the Minister of Ayush, said that the new initiative of introducing a new visa would help to foster medical tourism in India. It also strengthens their effort to create Indian traditional medicine a global phenomenon. 

In 2022, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, announced the launch of Ayush Visa as part of India’s Heal in India initiative. The goal is to make it an integral component of the country’s plan for improving healthcare.

Later, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Ayush joined parties to establish the Heal in India portal, which aims to position India as a top global destination for medical tourism.

According to the Global Wellness Institute’s report, “The Global Wellness Economy: Looking beyond COVID,” it’s predicted that the worldwide wellness economy will experience a yearly growth rate of 9.9%. 

This projection suggests that the Ayush-based healthcare and wellness sector will reach $70 billion by 2025, with Medical Value Travel experiencing significant growth.

Recently, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), Ministry of Tourism, GoI, to improve the Medical Value of Travel in Ayurveda and other traditional forms of medicine. 

The Ayush visas introduced by the central government for foreign nationals seeking therapeutic care, wellness, and yoga in India may increase medical tourism in Kerala, giving hope to the Ayurveda treatment providers here.

So, it is all about Ayush Visa introduced for foreign travelers to promote medical tourism in India.

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