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Australian universities ban five Indian States Due to Visa Fraud Concerns: According to the latest report, universities in NSW and Victoria have banned the recruitment of Indian students from 5 Indian states because Australia’s federal government has expressed new worry over rising visa fraud.

The step comes from across all universities in Australia as rejection rates for Indian students because of the highest level in a year of visa fraud. The Department of Home Affairs deemed one of the four applications “non-genuine” or fraudulent.”

Also, the rise in application rejections has overlapped with a significant increase in applications received. It has led to renewed demands for education agent regulation, as they are responsible for arranging visas for international students. In this blog, we have discussed Australian Universities Ban five Indian States.

Australian Universities Ban Five Indian States

According to the news of The Sydney Morning Herald, two more Australian universities, including Federation University in Victoria and Western Sydney University in NSW (New South Wales), ban Indian students from 5 specific Indian states due to the increase in fraudulent or non-genuine visa applications. 

On May 19, 2023, Federation University sent notices to education agents directing them to no longer recruit students from the Indian states of Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh.

The Federation University notice to agents said that the university had observed a rise in the ratio of visa applications being rejected from some specific Indian provinces by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Also, we expected it to be a short-term problem, but it has continued, and now it is clear that a trend is emerging. 

Last month, Some Australian institutes, including Edith Cowan University, Victoria University, Southern Cross University, and Torrens University, implemented strict measures to highlight increased fraudulent applications from some specific Indian states. 

But Now, Federation University and Western Sydney Australian Universities ban five Indian states due to visa fraud concerns. 

Federation University

As you see above, the notice of The Federation University to an agent. Another university Western Sydney also sent a notice to agents.

On 8 May 2023, the western university sent the agents a letter and told them that the maximum number of Indian students who started their study in 2022 intakes have not remained registered.  

Also, the universities mentioned the Indian states that presented the highest attrition risk are Haryana, Punjab, and Gujarat. Due to this issue, the university has decided to stop recruiting Indian students from 5 specific Indian states immediately. 

The ban on application processing from these states would be in place for two months, and additional steps are also taken to address the matter of non-genuine or fraudulent students registering with the institute from these states, including other changes to visa applications screening, stricter admissions requirements and rise to the commencement fees.

Western Sydney Australian University

Also, they mentioned that the recruitment of students from other Indian states continues as usual. They asked agents to screen students’ applications carefully and recognized that there are raised risk factors in the market at present. 

The University understands that these steps may cause concern for students and their families. The decision taken by the university to stop the recruitment of students from 5 mentioned Indian states has not been taken lightly. 

However, The university said it was necessary to take that step, and they also ensured to protect the integrity of the university’s international student courses.

So, it is all about the Australian Universities ban five Indian states due to visa fraud concerns.

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Source: Live Mint